Friday, 4 November 2011

The Beginning

”One cannot not communicate”
-Paul Watzlawick

I quite like writing. It’s my way to co-ordinate my thoughts and to learn. In this blog I intend to write about the intriguing world of organisations and the phenomena in them: communication, leadership, group dynamics, conversational skills, culture and so on. In my writings I try to implement different perspectives but at the same time admit that the communication perspective is very strong in me.

In its broadest sense I understand communication as a process of meaning making - we create our social worlds, relationships and organisations in communication through language.

At the moment my other writing work is my future PhD with the topic Communication in Top Management Teams. At the same time when I’m contributing to my research and academic articles I try to highlight bits and pieces and bring some ideas and findings into this blog.

But learning and development of thinking doesn’t happen in a vacuum or only in a way that I would be studying and then writing about different theories. Instead, I believe in co-construction of knowledge which is also the principal assumption of social constructionism – knowledge is created in interaction between people. In that sense my expertise and learning doesn’t become into reality without feedback and dialogue.

That’s why I invite you to contribute to this blog as well. As much as I hope it would serve your thinking I also hope you would enrich it with different reflections whether they were links to other blogs and articles or your own ideas and insights.

I’m already enjoying this journey!

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