Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The afterlife

Time seems to fly quickly and it has been a while since my last post. There have been big changes in my life recently and changes always take a lot of energy – though I feel very positive about them.

However, I’ve been able to focus on my dissertation and have taken my time to make some progress with it. And that’s why I thought it might be the right time to reveal what is it all about.

I’ve had quite an interesting journey so far trying to find my focus. I got a bit lost when I started to reframe my research questions. That took me somewhere where it’s very foggy and I was struggling and frustrated. I didn’t want to hear the wise words that writing and doing a research is always a creative process and sometimes you just are lost. Well, you might need to be lost before finding your way.

So after one year of being inside this fog got me back to the beginning, and I realised that actually my original idea wasn’t so bad!

Shortly put, my research focuses on interpersonal communication competence in executive teams, and it’s an action research aiming at developing executive team members’ communication competence.

In this blog I’ve been writing some bits about responsibility in communication, reflexivity and the importance of relational understanding of human behavior. In my opinion all these ideas I embrace are in the core of communication competence. Improving communication competence might then lead to more responsible and wiser actions within organisations. 

I'm thinking to write more about this approach but before that I would like to leave you with a thought I've found useful: all our actions have an afterlife - and communication cannot be rewound. The question is what kind of afterlife do you want to create?

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