Tuesday, 4 September 2012

CMM explained on video

CMM (Coordinated Management of Meaning, Pearce & Cronen 1976) is one of the main theories in my doctoral dissertation. In my opinion it's a very practical theory that helps you navigate in the world of social relations. I wanted to share you this video created by the CMM Institute to get an idea what CMM is about. Enjoy! :)


  1. Nice little video, Eerika. Thank you.

    I like the drawings and the little vignettes of situations that we all recognise. And I like the length, just abut right for a web video for me, thanks. And I like the positive assertion that CMM can help us improve how we realte with others, to live a better life, so I look forward to the next video that explains more what CMM is and how it helps.

  2. Thanks Jonathan, I like the video too. I've been preparing to write a more about CMM, hopefully I will have time to do it soon. Or maybe I should make a video??? :)