Friday, 27 September 2013

Sharing is caring #socialmediacourse

Today I have been enjoying following a Twitter feed from Nordic Business Forum 2013 where there have been a bunch of great speakers and thinkers. I've appreciated all those inspiring tweets from the seminar as I wasn't physically taking part in it. 

Sharing is essential in social media. I feel that by just opening Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter I get a handful (well, more than that) of information about what's going on. And if I find something useful, I forward it and hope it will be useful for someone else as well. 

As a doctoral student I am reading and writing a lot all the time, and not all of the material will be published in academic forums. That's why I find this blog helpful to write about those things that would never see a daylight otherwise (and of course about those that will). Also, I find it helpful to trying to translate my research into more practical level.

So to the question of this assignment if I have something to share in social media, the answer is yes. Theories, perspectives, models, personal insights and experiences, just name it. It would feel useless to write a PhD if no one didn't know about it and therefore couldn't utilize it.

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