Monday, 16 September 2013

Social Media Landscape #socialmediacourse

I'm starting to get my hands on with the social media course that I am doing as a part of my doctoral studies. The course ends in the end of September so you might witness a lot of posts during the last couple of weeks... ;) 

The assignment 2.2. is about familiarizing with the different concepts and tools of social media. When I had a look at the map created by Fred Cavazza, my first thought was: "oh my, I'm really a beginner". There's so much tools, many that I haven't even heard of. Questions such as "how to keep up with the development of social media" and "am I left out if I don't understand and use the different tools" popped into my mind. 

What is a relief is that I am covering the different categories presented in the map. Probably not that well, but at least somehow. 

At the moment I am using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, Skype, Spotify, Blogger, and Wikipedia. I have some experience in Wordpress and Vimeo as well. For me Twitter, LinkedIn and my blog are for the professional use, whereas Facebook, Instagram, Spotify and Pinterest are a bit more personal or somewhere between personal and professional.

I had my Facebook account in 2007 and since then I tend to be there on a daily basis. At the same time I can see how my personal network is doing but I also get professional information (interesting articles, events, blog posts, etc.) that the people in my network are sharing. I have started to use LinkedIn more actively but I could join some conversations more often. Twitter is something I forget for weeks, although I see it could bring a lot of value if used for professional purposes more actively. 

I have been a bit curious about Google+ but haven't started using it. Maybe I am still trying to figure out how it could fit into my life and with the other tools I am already using. Maybe some of you can convince me? 

I hope to start using Slideshare soon. Sharing my presentations related to my doctoral studies could be the first step. I have also been thinking about making video interviews and publishing them in my blog and Youtube. The next step is to just start doing things and play with the different tools. Time is an issue but maybe it's just a poor excuse. 


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