Friday, 27 September 2013

To go or not to go? #socialmediacourse

Many organisations are "going" to social media. It's a cheap way to do to marketing and reach huge audiences easily. As Vilma Luoma-Aho says social media can be seen as the newest revolution in the history of communication, after printing, telegraph, radio and internet. 
"For the first time we are able to integrate continuous communication and different groups of people without one group being shadowed by another one". 
In the article "Social Media - to go or not to go" by Vilma Luoma-Aho, there are some points what organisations (and people in general) should think before joining in social media. 

First of all, social media is not just an extra communication channel amongst other communication channels. Social media requires similar competence as the more traditional channels. Also, if organisations try to control and secure their existence in social media by creating guidelines and strategies, the benefits of social media are not used properly. The question is: do you dare to jump into something where there's no guarantee what will happen?

Recently I have followed with huge interest how customer service is taken care in social media. The interesting part for me is to see how organisations, or the supposed to be customer servant, replies to different questions, feedback and requests they get in their Facebook page, for instance. And there are great examples and not so great ones. Very quickly the organisation can loose its reputation and credibility depending on how quickly it can respond and how it responds. This is an important aspect to any organisation or public person to think about.  

In order to succeed in social media you have to have something new to offer. Luoma-Aho writes that "a bad blog only attracts laughter, self centered tweets are regarded as spam and badly produced videos work as a platform for critique". Good qualities for content in social media are that it's authentic, interesting and quick. 

As social media can be seen as an easy way to get an audience for your thoughts, it also sets a pressure for your content. Who would be interested in what I have to say? Is what I have to say something interesting at all? 

I try to apply this rule in my actions: "whenever I post something I will double-check if it's useful and it's written in a constructive way".  

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