Monday, 30 September 2013

Writing in #socialmediacourse

As a second last assignment I have to think about content and writing in internet context. I guess many of you already know these "rules" but I wanted to list them here anyway. 

A short guideline for writing online (picked and translated from the assignment):
  • Write short sentences and chapters
  • Use titles in longer texts, use keywords in the title
  • Highlight important words
  • Use lists
  • Use links, they help the reader to find the original source of information
  • Use pictures to elucidate
  • Use tags when possible
I was going through my previous blog texts with the above mentioned criteria in my head and have to say that I haven't done a very good job. Although I have given similar guidelines to my clients for producing online content, I haven't followed that example very well. So that needs to change. 

I am going to introduce my doctoral research (as I haven't really done that yet, silly me) and try to follow those guidelines. Or at least some of them. :)

Introducing my research on Interpersonal Communication Competence within Management Teams of International Companies 

My research aims at understanding and developing management teams of international companies from a communication perspective. Especially the interpersonal communication competence and how it should be developed will be studied. 

Research questions:
  • How is the interpersonal communication competence created within management team communication?
  • What kind of interpersonal communication competence is needed in the work of management teams?
  • How is the development of interpersonal communication competence facilitated as a part of management teams’ communication practices?
  • What kind of development methods are appropriate for developing interpersonal communication competence within management teams?

Methods and data:

The empirical data is collected in two phases. In the first phase I have studied the experiences of management team members of different international companies how they define interpersonal communication competence and what kind of interpersonal communication competence is needed in management teams' work context. This data consists of thematic interviews of management team members.

The second phase will be carried out as a development program for three management teams of international companies. During the development program management teams' communication will be developed systematically with different methods. This data consists of authentic video recordings of communication, observations and group interviews.

The benefits and expected outcomes:

My research has both theoretical and practical relevance. First of all, my research develops new knowledge about management teams, their communication, and how to develop communication. Second, my research meets the practical need for developing management team communication. There's a lot of research on work groups and teams but in most cases the groups have been gathered for the purpose of the research, and it has been carried out separately from their natural environment. 

For the management teams my research can provide practical benefits:
  • Development of management team members interpersonal communication competence; increased self-awareness, communication and facilitation skills
  • Improved management team communication and leadership culture; increased openness and trust, equality in participation and contribution
  • Better decision-making processes
  • More effective management team meetings
  • More clarity in roles, task and mission
If you would like to know more about my research and what kind of ideas I am applying in it, please don't hesitate to leave a comment here or email me. I have also uploaded a short presentation in SlideShare

Using more bold highlights in the texts does make it a bit better, or what do you think? I still have to get my head around tagging. In the end the only way to develop as a writer is to keep on writing. Reading other good texts helps as well.