Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Re-Making Communication at Work

In the end of August in this post I said that there will be writings based on Jesse Sostrin's new book Re-Making Communication at Work. I was eagerly waiting to get my hands to his book, and now I have nearly read it. 

What I think is fantastic about this book is that it summarizes some of the basic ideas of communication in a simple and thought provoking way. I especially like the way Jesse illustrates some of the typical myths of effective communication and offers an alternative. With respect to Jesse's writing I am planning to make a post from each myth. But before that I would like to introduce Jesse and his ideas behind the book. 

Here are a couple of questions about communication and about the book, and Jesse's answers. 

Why does communication matter?

"Communication is at the heart of our everyday experience at work. Unfortunately for many of us, a day at work can be filled with a variety of unwanted patterns of communication and interaction that make it hard to get our best work done and stay meaningfully engaged in our careers. By exposing the stuff that makes and sustains these unwanted patterns, communication itself provides a foundation for making something different, something better." 

Why do you think we need to re-make communication?

"I believe that a new approach to communication is needed because most of what people have learned about “effective communication” at work is incomplete. The conventional wisdom is littered with myths and misperceptions that overly simplify what communication is. So, not only is a new definition of communication required, people also need a set of tools that can help them use communication in a way that aligns with their values, improves their learning and performance on the job, and leads to a long and successful working life."

What can readers expect from Re-Making Communication at Work?

"Re-Making Communication at Work challenges the conventional wisdom about effective workplace communication and offers a serious alternative to the most widely accepted beliefs that are at the foundation of academic courses, business literature, and corporate education programs. If you have ever experienced a breakdown in communication at work then you know how challenging they can be. Rather than the confusion and frustration that often lingers, I've written a book that offers a comprehensive guide to transforming typical communication setbacks into patterns of interaction that better align with our values, priorities, and goals. The book builds on a foundation of cutting edge communication theory and delivers a progression of insights that employees, managers, leaders, and consultants can use to: Transform troubled relationships; Get collaborative decision-making right; Keep people on the same page during periods of intense change; Increase levels of trust and engagement from low to high; and Change their organization’s culture from within."

Thank you Jesse!

P.S. Stay tuned. I am hoping to get the first myth published already this week. 


  1. Dear Eerika

    It is great that you have and will be specialized in work communication!

    All Best in this year 2014

    Keijo Varis,

    1. Thank you Keijo! It is indeed a fascinating world to explore. :) All the best for you too!