Sunday, 13 April 2014

No. 3 Myth of Effective Communication

Old myth: "You have to know what you want to communicate and have clear goals for every interaction."

New principle: "How people communicate is not as important as why they do so. It helps to know what you want to say and what messages you need to deliver, but those things alone do not shape our experience or produce the outcomes we get in communication."

Every time I deliver a training about presentations skill I feel a bit conflicted. It's good to think about your messages and channels of communication but communication is much more than just that - it's also about understanding and engaging in the meaning-making. Although you have clear intensions about what and why to communicate, the intended outcome might be totally different than planned. And it is the outcome we could be more curious about. 

The myths and principles are citations from 
Sostrin, J. (2013) Re-Making Communication at Work. 

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